Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Tear open the veils
Peel them off your worn out skin
Layer by layer
There was a time when *no one* could see you
Except Him.
This is the process
To everything, there is a process
Don't be afraid
Don't be afraid to grow
to let go
to move on
to step into your destiny
to actualize the role you were made for.
Tear open the wounds
Let the light enter
and change you
Let the rain absorb into your deepest cells
and feed you.
Break free
break the chains
and stand.
Tell gravity
it can't control you anymore.
Tell this world it can't own you anymore.
Break every chain
climb higher, despite the weight
Get to know the rain, gravity, the pull of the moon,
the weight of the waves so well...
until you own them.
And then break the force they have over you.
Don't be afraid
you're never alone
don't be deceived by the breaking
It's not breaking
It's building you
stronger, higher.
Walk through
Let the beauty of what you are speak its own words
never turn away
never turn your back on your own soul
never hate what you are
own it and then purify it
break free
they can't own you until you let them
not even gravity can own you
it's a creation
the Creator owns the creation
the creation doesn't own you
Be owned by the Creator
and you will never be owned by the creation.
Nothing else will ever own you.
They tried to destroy you
They only made you stronger
There was a time to kneel
now rise
its time


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